How to Best Store Winter Tyres

As the weather gets chillier, a change from ordinary all-weather tires to snow tires becomes necessary for cars driving through ice-laden streets. Snow tire rubber is soft and contains different compounds, which enable the tires to remain flexible and safe.

Once summer has returned, car owners will need to replace their snow winter tires with all-weather tires and will need to store winter tires away until next winter. Tires need to remain in good roadworthy condition. Follow these steps for storing winter tires.

Clean Tires

Clean tires thoroughly to remove dirt, grime and brake dust. These elements will stick to the tires and will get harder to remove later. Wash them thoroughly and dry them with a towel to remove all moisture.

Use Storage Bags

Every tire needs to be placed in an individual storage bag. Most tire shops have these bags, which can be purchased. The bags should be opaque to reduce exposure to light. Remove as much air from the bag as possible, before sealing them with strong tape, so that they remain airtight throughout. People can use vacuum cleaners to suck out as much air as possible from the bag. Removing the air is important, because it retains the necessary oils on the tire to keep it in healthy condition until next winter.

Choose Cool and Dry Storage Areas

Look for cool and dry locations for storing winter tires. A basement or garage is perhaps the best choice, so long as the temperature remains cool and controlled. High temperatures can have adverse effects on tires, so they should be stored in a cool place. High heat and humidity will damage the tires, making them redundant for use later. Ozone will dry and crack the rubber in snow winter tires, so they must be kept away from direct sunlight. Climate-controlled storage facilities are available to keep winter tires in good condition.

Storage Method

Keep tires flat and stacked to reduce stress on them. Winter tires shouldn’t be placed directly on concrete floors or grounds, because moisture can seep in and damage them. Look for tire storage racks to keep the tires safe in storage.

Storing winter tires safely is important to retain their longevity and roadworthiness.