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Extreme Garages: Three of the biggest, baddest Car Garages Around

A garage can be so much more than a place to store a car. For some it’s a sanctuary to work on new automobile projects, while for others it provides a way to display fancy car collections in museum-like settings. Read on for an inside look into three of the best garages in the world, as well as tips on how to transform a home garage into an impressive space.

Larry Seinfeld’s Garage

Comedian Jerry Seinfield is known for having a huge car collection, so obviously the actor needs a suitable place to store them right? Seinfeld came up with an incredible way to store his cars in New York – he has an underground garage in Manhattan. His garage contains a whopping 46 Porches as well as a large living space area, club, billiard table and office. The garage is super high-tech, and Seinfeld has climate and security controls linked to his phone so he can adjust them or take a look at his garage from wherever he is in the world. A fun fact is that Seinfeld actually lives three blocks away from his garage on Central Park West!

While an underground parking lair slash million dollar man-cave may be out of your reach, there are several things that you can do to update your garage Seinfeld style. If it’s large enough you can clear a corner and bring a small fridge into the area to keep cool drinks and a beer or two.

Francis Wisniewski’s Garage

Classic car lovers will drool over the sight of this businessman’s impressive garage. Located in Chicago, Wiseniewski wanted to bring a touch of Las Vegas Glamour to the space. The enormous 15,000 square foot garage contains hundreds of classic cars along with some incredible supercars. He stores his cars side-by-side and on lifts in order to save some space. Other features inside of this garage include a gambling room, basketball court, a welcome to Las Vegas sign and a huge collection of sports memorabilia. It is estimated that this garage costs over $1million to complete.

Ralph Lauren’s Dad Garage

Fashion designer Ralph Lauren’s car collection was getting so big that he needed a dedication space to store them all in style. Eventually a large space that used to be an old car dealership went up for sale, and it was immediately snapped up by Lauren as his new showroom. The garage is beautifully designed with a stainless steel floor, white pillars and mood lighting which helps to draw the eye to the cards and display them in such an incredible light.

While it may not be possible to purchase such large space for you garage, it does show that lighting and decor in a garage does play an important role in displaying the cars in the best possible way.

So there you have it, three amazing and extravagant garages that will make anyone green with envy. Remember, you can upgrade your home garage with simple items like car movers, tool walls, lighting and garage flooring.

Choosing the right flooring for your garage.

The garage goes through many oil leaks, spills, exposure to damp and road salts. There comes a time when the flooring needs to be changed into something more durable. To choose the right garage flooring, here are some of the best and most popular materials that will prevent future stains and cracks.


Concrete is becoming more and more popular for creative spaces because of its easy maintenance and durability. Although the installation of concrete is somewhat costly, the energy efficiency of this material will offset the costs. When installing concrete, using adequate sealant is critical as this is a porous material. If the garage is only used for storing tools and household items, the flooring will need less resealing as high traffic concrete floors are susceptible to cracking.

Flexible floor tiles

This garage flooring option comes in many different patterns and colours that allow the homeowner to create custom designs. Flexible floor tiles have a soft feel that are slip resistant. However, these types of tiles are prone to chemical damage and tend to expand or contract with temperature changes.

Rigid floor tiles

Rigid floor tiles on the other hand, are able to cope with heavier load as they expand and contract much less than flexible tiles. These flooring materials are easy to install and clean, but should only be installed in moisture-free garage floors.

Porcelain tiles

If there is no moisture issue with the garage, then choosing porcelain tiles is a good idea as they are highly durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Homeowners who have used porcelain tiles would argue that it’s currently the best option for garage flooring. These materials are water, stain, fire, and impact resistant, which make them ideal for garage flooring. For more ideas on the best garage flooring, visit this website.


Cork is another eco-friendly option since it comes from renewable resources. This material is beneficial in high-traffic garages, and just like hardwood, cork is moisture resistant and tends to last much longer than many other materials. See more about this garage flooring and many others on this website.


If choosing vinyl as garage flooring, the homeowner should first take the time to see all the different designs that are available these days. Vinyl is a cost effective option that lasts for many years, thus making it the perfect choice for the garage floor. The practicality of this material means that it’s not only hard wearing, but it is also easy to maintain.

By taking the above garage flooring options into account, consider the pros and cons of each material before installing the most suitable one. Homeowners should assess their budget and shop for the right material accordingly.