Choosing the right entrance for your garage

When it comes to home improvements and decorating, most homeowners know that the exterior of their home is what makes the first impression. One particular area that is almost always forgotten is the garage door. When it’s time to buy a new door, due to damage, rotting, or an outdated design, it’s important to do a little research to see what’s available on the market. Here are some tips on choosing the right style of entrance for the garage.

Fibreglass is ideal for extreme temperature changes

Fibreglass doors are perfect for areas of high heat or low temperatures. This is a durable material that acts as an insulator. Fibreglass is also more resistant to cracking unlike wooden doors. The panels, which are aluminium framed, can be painted in order to protect them from dents. Fibreglass is a very light material that can eventually fade in colour from too much weather exposure. However, it is water and corrosion resistant, which makes it an ideal choice for garages in coastal locations.

Metal or steel garage doors are lightweight and strong

Steel or metal garage doors are perfect for protection against hurricanes or tornados. In fact, any home that’s situated in a high-wind area should have steel doors. Older properties with steel doors are better protected against burglary as this material is impact resistant. The good thing about steel is that it can be painted in a variety of colours. Metal is also durable and light in weight, making it ideal for homes that use electric door openers.

Aluminium is another great option for a garage door

These types of doors share similar characteristics of steel and metal, but they are generally less expensive and even lighter in weight. The only downside to aluminium is that it is more prone to denting. It’s best to choose the long-lasting faux wood texture that is incorporated into this material.

Wood composite

Composite doors are mostly made of recycled timber fibres. They are just as sturdy as steel and can be painted or stained. These types of doors are rot resistant and don’t split easily.